Our Export Division faces customers with honesty and helps them connect to the world of gourmet food based on relationships of trust. Japanese cuisine is now also an Intangible Cultural Heritage, and Japanese restaurants can be found in every country in the world. More and more people around the globe are coming to demand food that is “Made in Japan.” In order to meet this overseas demand, we harness air and sea shipping to deliver safe, secure, and delicious Japanese food to the Americas, Asia, and Europe. In order to meet and exceed the expectations our customers have put in us, we have continued to satisfy the diverse needs of foreign countries. What has made this possible is our attentive service, from stock intake to delivery; our ability to offer the best choices to our customers; and a speed that comes from frim relationships with our suppliers. We aim to continue to further refine these assets to increase customer satisfaction to even greater levels and expand shipments. We strive each day so that our customers can experience the deliciousness and splendor of Japanese cuisine, no matter where in the world.

Farmed Yellowtail
Due to the worldwide boom in sushi, yellowtail cultivated in Japan has become an essential ingredient to global sushi culture. In order to meet the diverse demands of our customers from countries across the globe, we have developed close relationships with aquaculture farmers to deliver to innumerable nations Japanese-quality yellowtail, both raw and frozen, and according to a variety of regulations and standards.
Wild Fish
Working together with trusted suppliers nationwide, we provide customers around the world with “Japanese fish.” In addition to offering seasonally recommended fish and distinctly Japanese seafood, we also work flexibly with customer requests and needs. We always deliver the absolute freshest fish so the customers who actually taste our products can enjoy a delicious dining experience.
Frozen Japanese Foods
In order to meet the need from countless nations not only for marine products but also Japanese foods in general, and in order make it possible to learn about the diversity of Japanese cuisine and incorporate safe, secure, and healthy foods easily as part of daily life, we package products that meet the diverse standards and rules of countries around the globe and ship them via container.