Saihoku Fisheries Corporation Tokyo Branch manages the import division which imports variety of products. Our core business is import seafood products and cut flowers. As the world community rapidly changes, the import division endeavors to accurately predict market trends. With this information, we are able to help our clients grasping the market direction and help them keeping ahead of the changes.
These are main products managed by Saihoku Fisheries Tokyo Branch.

Norwegian Farmed Fresh Atlantic salmon
Our main imported product is fresh salmon which we import over 5000 tons per year. We have 20% market share in Japan. Salmon is not a renewable product which has stable supply through a year. The salmon is shipped by air cargo to major Japanese domestic airports directly to ensure regular supply. Our long-term relationship with our major Norwegian salmon Exporter, has helped to coordinate logistics and quality control during the production process of the products. This ensures that salmon delivered by Saihoku Fisheries Corporation is of the high quality and freshness.
We also import other fresh seafood product seasonally.
Australian Cheese
Fruited and flavored cream cheeses – popular varieties of cheese which have uniquely emerged in Australia. Now, we have completed a contract with a local producer to import and sell these unique flavors in Japan. Popular as cheesecake-like dessert cheeses, they perfectly combine the exquisite flavors of rich cream cheese and dried fruit. Australia is well known in Japan for producing the cheese used in other products. In recent years, however, the country has also focused on brand-name products, and has even gained a reputation in Europe, the true home of cheese aficionados. We are working daily to bring these products, now loved in 30 countries around the world, to Japan.
Imported Cut Flowers
We currently import fresh carnations and cut flowers from around the world. In Japan we supply the flower markets in major Japanese cities. The varieties of carnation supplied number more than 50 varieties. Our suppliers ensure 2 week life span for these cut flowers.
We also import roses, orchids etc. from all over the world.