From our headquarters based in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, Saihoku Fisheries Corporation operates B to B wholesaling operation with our clients. Our operations are interconnected with our suppliers & customers throughout Japan from as far as Hokkaido to Okinawa. We are able to supply products from major ports throughout Japan, local markets, and marine product importers to our clients. Our main clients are local retailers, regional supermarket chains and retailers in metropolitan Tokyo Area. Our wholesale division continues striving to find ways to improve service for our customers and improve satisfaction from our daily operations.

Due to the unique market character of the seafood business in Japan such as fluctuating market prices, logistics difficulty of shipping products from distant locations, and changing fades, we are able, with our long market experience, to give sales support to our clients with innovative products what will help them keeping a head of the competitive market demands.
Sales Support
Our Sales Support team has in store support material for our clients whether a large volume retailer to small retailer, and our team is experienced in working together with our client achieving success. Throughout the year no matter the season, our clients would stock over 300 items on their shelves. By our market experienced team and their professional approach, we are able to help to promote the best seasonal products and to support seasonal in store promotions to our customers.
Distribution Network
By using the Tsukiji handling center for our seafood products, we are able to seamlessly dispatch product to our customers throughout Japan on a just in time daily basis. Using Tsukiji handling center, we are able to coordinate distribution through various local center/markets to ensure it meets our customer requests. Also we have our fleet of company-owned trucks to support this efficient & quick seamless service.